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The first time I heard music like that l was literally paralyzed. I stopped breathing, tried to stop seeing, forget my body, unwilling to let any sense disrupt the purity of what I heard and felt. A feeling I would know again, soon, but under very different circumstances. I wanted to climb into the tiny world it created and live there forever, to memorize every inch of it like a lover’s body.
When I try to explain it to people, they laugh and say “Let me guess…”. But no, that didn't come until later. This was just me, sixteen and still innocent, experiencing something I hadn't known sound could do. Now it’s tied up in other things, the hard, hot euphoria of running farther, faster than I knew I could run, the soft, cool, implacable embrace of morphine. Too many feelings, too many memories; I don’t think I’ll ever have it again the way it was. I’ll have to live with that, for however much longer I live.


released June 27, 2014

Album art from wikimedia and here
Short story by Evan Adams. Check out their other stuff at and




anMech Sacramento, California

An exploration of offensive behavior, gender identity, sexuality, mental instability, and otaku/hikikomori tendencies through the mediums of sampling and hardcore techno by a pastel colored bundle of rage and violence.

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